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A small fragment resulting from breakage, cutting, or avulsion.


Etymology: AS, kippen, to slice
1 n, a relatively small piece of a bone or tooth.
2 v, to break off or cut away a small piece.
3 n, a semiconductor in which an integrated circuit is embedded.



n a logic element containing electronic circuit components, both active and passive, embedded in a cohesive material of any shape.
chip blower,

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Finally, integration of the Schottky into the MOSFET silicon chip eliminates the parasitic inductances that would be present if these were mounted to the PCB as individual components or if separate MOSFET and Schottky diode components were copackaged.
Read the full report: Global Low-voltage MOSFET Market 2014-2018 https://www.
This report provides an exhaustive analysis of High-Voltage (+400V) Super Junction MOSFET markets, technologies and players.
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Also, with its very low 39 nC Qg and 11 nC Qgd, the IRF6643TRPbF functions well as a primary-side MOSFET in isolated or intermediate DC bus converters.
A Web-based tool that gives designers a detailed simulation of how Vishay Siliconix MOSFETs will perform thermally and be affected by adjacent components in a wide range of applications is now available on the Web site of Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.
Our new 200V DirectFET MOSFET achieves a current rating up to 25 amperes in a footprint the size of an SO-8 with only a 0.
IR's new SmartRectifier IC uses a new technique for precise, direct sensing of voltage thresholds across the SR MOSFETs, allowing fast, accurate control to minimize power losses in mid-power flyback circuits.
Jazz Semiconductor, an independent wafer foundry focused primarily on specialty CMOS process technologies, today announced full support for PSP, an advanced surface potential based MOSFET model, in its 0.
The DirectFET MOSFET family includes matched 20V and 30V synchronous buck converter MOSFET chipsets, as well as 40V, 80V, and 100V devices targeted at primary-side control and synchronous rectification in 24V and 48V input power supplies.
AOS offers a wide portfolio of power MOSFET and Power IC products that incorporate advances in device design, silicon, and packaging technologies.