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A gene on chromosome 20p13 that encodes a ubiquitous immunoglobulin-like cell surface receptor for CD47 that acts as a docking protein and induces translocation of PTPN6, PTPN11 and other binding partners from the cytosol to the plasma membrane. SIRPA supports adhesion of cerebellar neurons, neurite outgrowth and glial cell attachment, and may play a key role in intracellular signalling during synaptogenesis and in synaptic function. It downregulates receptor tyrosine kinase-coupled cellular responses induced by cell adhesion, growth factors and insulin; it also downregulates phagocytosis, mast cell activation and dendritic cell activation. CD47 binding prevents maturation of immature dendritic cells and inhibits cytokine production by mature dendritic cells. It is highly expressed in the brain.


1. A document that, if signed by the patient or the patient's legal representative, permits the treating health care provider to perform certain procedures. In addition to being signed by the patient, the release should also be signed by a witness. Most releases have a notation indicating the applicable time of the release.
2. To discharge.
3. To remove restraints.

extended release

In pharmacology, the slow or gradual absorption of a drug after ingestion, e.g., one that achieves a peak concentration in the blood after about 6 hr.

immediate release

In pharmacology, the rapid absorption of a drug after ingestion.

myofascial release

Abbreviation: MFR
The manipulation of soft tissue to facilitate improved posture and range of motion and to decrease pain.
See: soft-tissue mobilization

surgical release

Freeing tissues or organs trapped in place by adhesions or scars.

sustained release

The delivery of a drug from a tablet or other reservoir over many hours or days (instead of minutes or hours), to provide a durable therapeutic effect.

myofascial release

Abbreviation: MFR
The manipulation of soft tissue to facilitate improved posture and range of motion and to decrease pain.
See: soft-tissue mobilization
See also: release


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