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Measuring Effects on Intima Media Thickness: An Evaluation of Rosuvastatin Ongoing Trial. A trial that evaluated the effect of rosuvastatin on carotid intima-media thickness in asymptomatic patients with a low risk of coronary heart disease events
Conclusion The change in maximum carotid intima-media thickness for the 12 carotid artery sites was -0.0014 mm/year for the rosuvastatin group vs. +0.0131 mm/year for the placebo group (p < 0.001). Similar results were observed for segment-specific rates, except for the change in the internal carotid artery, which was p = 0.02
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As the bits of debris from the asteroid crash through the Earth's upper atmosphere they vaporise and turn into the Geminid meteor shower.
A waxing crescent moon on the 18th means the sky will be dark enough for meteor spotting.
This is the light you see trailing across the sky when you see the meteor, or "shooting star", as it burns up in the atmosphere.
Meteor Development Group (MDG) is setting the standard for modern application development with Connected Client app architectures for mobile and web with its JavaScript App Platform, Meteor.
The Met Office says that the middle of the UK, including the north west of England, is the best place to see the shower, which could bring as many as 100 meteors an hour, to our night sky.
The meteor shower is said to be associated with comet Tuttle, which was first found in 1790 according to the website.
Sb s previous successful Meteor trials in Sweden had already provided software verification of the Meteor system integration.
The next meteor shower is Perseids, on August 12, and we expect it to be very promising.
Dubai Astronomy Group spokesman Keith Cobby said the shower could last up to several days, depending on how widely dispersed the meteor trail is.
Most meteor showers occur when Earth crosses the orbit of a comet.
Their name comes from the fact that meteors in this shower radiate from the direction of the constellation Perseus.