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Throughout the investigation, MCHD worked with the zoo and the Oregon Health Authority to ensure the safety of staff members, animals, and the public.
We computed mean and median of MCHD and MDHL for these 323 patients and compared results with the normal values (Table 6).
Implementation of a staff wellness weight-loss-challenge program included a presentation on healthy nutrition by the community team member, a registered dietician from the MCHD, at a staff meeting.
On July 23, MCHD and the Oregon Public Health Division sampled lake water by pumping approximately 90 L from different areas of the swimming area through each of two hollow-fiber ultrafilters (1).
A public education campaign was conducted by MCHD and FKMCD to emphasize the importance of eliminating mosquito breeding sites and to encourage personal prevention measures against mosquito bites.
Public health officials from the MCHD collected contact information from all persons and informed them they would be notified when results from laboratory testing were available; arrangements also were made for counseling.
The MCHD is planning to replace its current software system environment that supports various business processes with an Electronic Health Record (EHR) System.