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Abbreviation for midclavicular line.


, mcL
Symbol for microliter.


A gene on chromosome 12p13.31 that encodes a C-type lectin domain protein which acts as an endocytic receptor. It is thought to be involved in antigen uptake at the site of infection, either clearing the antigen, or processing it and presenting it to T cells.


Median collateral ligament, see there.


, mcl
Abbreviation for microliter
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We are gratified that Samsung, one of our key customers, has made such a major commitment to MCL," stated Dr.
MCL Technologies is a competence center of Zetes Industries (Euronext Brussels: ZTS)
The goal of the MCL Consortium is to identify effective and curative treatment strategies for mantle cell lymphoma.
MCL and Arkona will be holding a joint event to launch the general availability of the product with demonstrations to interested dealers, analysts, and the press during April.
MCL understands how to provide proven, reliable solutions in this environment, and we are pleased to include MCL software with our computers to meet the military's most demanding logistics challenges.
Located in Waterloo, Belgium, MCL Technologies is a leading-edge developer of software for application generation and communication management in the Auto-ID business, and they bring you the MCL-Collection.
As a result of a joint effort between Apple and Digitool, MCL 3.
Digitool also has agreed to continue further development of the version of MCL for Macintosh systems based on the Motorola 680x0 processors.
Sub-Urban's MCL line will be carried at flagship Virgin Megastores, including the Times Square location in New York, the largest entertainment store in the world.
0 is a new introductory manual for first time users, an extensive reference manual, a copy of "Common Lisp: The Language, Second Edition," and complete MCL software on both diskettes and CD-ROM.