Medical College Admission Test

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Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

an examination taken by persons applying to medical school. The score attained is an important criterion for acceptance. Basic science, intellectual ability, and mathematical and verbal aptitude and knowledge are tested.
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Previously, international students seeking Varsity Tutors' services, most often for language tutoring or SAT, GMAT, LSAT and MCAT test prep, could only process payment by credit card or bank transfer which assess foreign transaction fees.
Released in time for students planning to take the June LSAT or the August MCAT, (the last paper and pencil MCAT), this year's survey is based on feedback from more than 12,000 LSAT test takers at 372 LSAT testing sites and more than 9,000 MCAT test takers at 323 MCAT sites.
An independent firm verified that the Company's MCAT test prep showed an average improvement of 10 points, with a median final score of over 30 points.
The MCAT tests just about everything having to do with basic physical and biology sciences, moving beyond science facts to test verbal reasoning, logic, and more.