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Mediterranean Alpha-linolenic Enriched Groningen Dietary Intervention. A trial that assessed the effect of increasing alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) intake on cardiovascular risk factors and the risk of ischaemic heart disease (IHD), as well as the effect of nutritional education on dietary habits
Conclusion No significant difference existed in 10-year IHD risk. All groups decreased intake of saturated fatty acids and increased their intake of inolenic acid; men increased intake of fish; women increased intake of fish and vegetables and decreased intake of meat
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Permata Hijau plans to build CPO related downstream factories including packaging plant, cooking oil factory, margarin and biodiesel factories.
4 owns o fenyn wedi ei feddalu neu 2 owns menyn + 2 owns margarin
Anogai'r gwragedd i beidio defnyddio margarin ond ymenyn bob tro.
Bwyta bara brown yn lle gwyn, llefrith semi-skimmed yn lle 'whole', margarin gydag olive oil ynddo neu rapeseed oil a rhywbeth gyda gwenith y y bowlen frecwast.