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(lĭ-sĕng′kō, -syĕn′kə), Trofim 1898-1976.
Soviet biologist and agronomist known for his mistaken belief in the genetic theory that acquired characteristics can be inherited.
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Previous to joining Contour, Lysenko was the director of worldwide reseller operations at Apple.
Lysenko reported further progress on Tuesday, saying that government forces were now engaged with the rebels in the center of Luhansk.
Lysenko said that his anti-terrorists squad had successfully helped Ukraine seize over 10 villages and towns that were previously under the control of pro-Russian separatists.
In the Soviet Union, Trofim Denisovich Lysenko (1898-1976) promoted the Lamarckian view of the inheritance of acquired characteristics.
The following is suggested by the Australian poet, Myron Lysenko (2006).
Lysenko rejected the Mendelian ideas championed by Bateson and Vavilov and in their place favored an extreme interpretation of the theories of French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck.
We get a crash course in current events, from the Kielce pogroms to Lysenko, from Chapaev to Stalin's seventieth birthday, from drunk party officials to the building of the Palace of Culture.
French athlete Renaud Lavillenie shows his delight at winning his gold medal in pole vault Bahamas Win Gold in Men's x100m Relay Defar Triumphs in 5,000m Women's 1500m Gold Goes to Turkish Athlete Women's Hammer Won by Tatyana Lysenko in Record Throw French pole vaulter, 25-year-old Renaud Lavillenie broke the men's Olympic record to take gold after a keen competition.
Tatyana Lysenko looked smooth and back to her best in the qualifying for the women's hammer final and is a 9-4 shot.
Khoury holds a bachelor degree from Lysenko Special Music School and a masters degree from the Tchaikovsky National Academy of Music in Kiev.
In the annals of politicized science, Trofim Lysenko provides a supreme example of ignorance and ignominy wedded to power.
A situation similar to the one described in Year of the Griffin occurred in the twentieth century in the USSR: the decades-long control of Soviet biology by Trofim Lysenko and his pseudoscientific principles.