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CBC, thyroid-stimulating hormone, antinuclear antibody, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, vitamin B12, rapid plasma reagin, HIV test, electrolytes and calcium levels and renal function test, liver function tests, blood alcohol, blood, and urine toxicology screen, ABG, Lyme antibody test (ELISA), dexamethasone suppression test (Cushing's disease), cosyntropin stimulation test (Addison's disease)
Samples with titers of greater than 1:320 were considered positive for Lyme antibody (Maria et al.
Comparison of Western immunoblotting and the C6 Lyme antibody test for laboratory detection of Lyme disease.
In most of these dogs, after six months, Lyme antibody levels began to increase again, "presumably in response to proliferation of the surviving pool of spirochetes.
Cases of possible LM were defined as cerebrospinal fluid pleocytosis with positive cerebrospinal fluid Lyme antibody.
Using the Lyme antibody as an example, we report here our initial effort in developing combinatorial methods for the rapid identification of novel ligands.
Also, no Lyme antibody titer was detected, the tularemia antibody was normal at 1:80, and the ehrlichia antibody was normal at 1:64.