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luo (lō),

n in traditional Chinese medicine, the networks through which qi, or the vital energy, circulates. See also jing luo.
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Moreover, members of the Luo are believed to be educated, knowing English and preoccupied with conspicuous consumption.
People from the Luo community are not spared either.
The ICC accuses him of directing youth from his Kikuyu ethnic community to fight Odinga's Luo kinsmen during the 2007/2008 bloodletting.
In Limuru, for example, three non-Kikuyu me--from the Kalenjin, Teso and Luo communities--were killed.
At the mid-point of that year, and in broad daylight, a Kikuyu gunman assassinated Tom Mboya, a prominent Luo politician from the western part of the country and a likely candidate for the presidency after Kenyatta.
This is part of Raila Odings's constituency and is one of the main centres of Luo Politics in Nairobi.
Luo tribe Kenyans use burned-out lorries as a roadblock in Kisumu, a town practically ethnically cleansed of Kikuyus as mobs search for the few Kikuyu targets left; A Kenyan in the cab of a destroyed lorry enforces the roadblock in Kisumu
Each PySection includes all hardware and software required to completely automate an LUO.
To begin with, how do we ensure that Kenyans see bureaucrats purely as civil servants and not as, prejudicially, Kikuyu or Luo.
His major "failure" seemed to be the fact that he was from the Kisii community and was now posted by the government to serve among the Luo community.
Many of his Luo staff have travelled home, but as with many other flower farmers, there is an understanding that their jobs will be held open for them until they feel safe enough to return.
For example, in the 1979 census, the Kikuyus, the largest tribe, numbered only 400,000 more than the second-biggest, the Luos.