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Jean G.A., French physician, 1786-1851. See: Lugol iodine solution.
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A portion of each sample was stained with Lugol iodine on a separate slide.
5 mL of lugol were immediately added to preserve algae before qualitative and quantitative analyses.
In an effort to diagnose early cervical carcinoma, unmagnified visual inspection of the cervix after staining with a weak solution of iodine (Gram stain was used, not lugol solution as has been erroneously reported (35-37)) was promoted in the 1930s by Walter Schiller, MD.
Ozellikle antiseptikler, rivanol, lugol, benzalkonyum klorid, polivinil iyot bilesikleri, klorhekzidin, benzalkonyum klorid, cetrimide bu sekilde cok kullanilir (1,3,6).
The patient was prepared for the surgery with lugol solution (3x10 drops daily) and after eutyroidism was achieved, bilateral total thyroidectomy was performed.
Con los hisopos de las muestras obtenidas se realizaron extendidos sobre portaobjetos de vidrio, los que se fijaron al calor (16, 30) y fueron coloreados con la tincion de Gram modificada por Kopeloff, alcalinizado al colorante primario con bicarbonato de sodio y empleando como mordiente lugol debil.
Embedding hydrated paraffin sections were treated with Lugol iodine solution for 30 min, then bleached using 5% sodium thio-sulfate for 2 min followed by washing of the section for 5 min in running tap water for oxidation.
Abraham has used a safe, stable inorganic non-radioactive iodine and iodide, identical with Lugol solution, a well-absorbed form of iodine used for 180 years.
One hour after propylthiouracil was given, Lugol solution was administered at 20 drops every 8 hours.
Lugol fixed samples from a wide variety of freshwater habitats in four Gulf Coast states (Table 1) were examined using transmission and scanning electron microscopy as previously described (Wujek & Menapace, 1998; Wujek, 1999; Wujek et al.