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early 20th-century German instrument maker.


German instrument maker, d. 1883.
Luer curette
Luer forceps
Luer needle
Luer reconstruction plate
Luer retractor
Luer rongeur
Luer scoop
Luer speculum
Luer suction cannula adapter
Luer syringe - a glass syringe used for hypodermic and intravenous purposes. Synonym(s): Luer-Lok syringe
Luer tracheal cannula
Luer tube
Luer-Lok syringe - Synonym(s): Luer syringe
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The syringes feature a unique tip that cannot connect to a luer needle or needleless IV system.
These include the Safety Pre-filled Glass Syringe products, both fixed and Luer needle, and the Safety Arterial Blood Gas Syringe.
The new Baxa Exacta-Med(R) Enteral Dispensers feature a unique dispenser tip that cannot connect to a luer needle or needle-less IV system.