Balduin, U.S. pathologist, 1889-1954. See: Lucké virus.


George A., German surgeon, 1829-1894. See: Lücke test.
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I think it's illegitimate of Mr Sorosto instrumentalise the ECB for his own political purposes," Bernd Lucke, a German conservative member of the European Parliament, said on Friday.
Es wurde Zeit, eine grosse Lucke zu fullen, die bisher in der Erforschung des deutschsprachigen literarischen Europa-Diskurses klaffte.
One factor is that it still appears to be divided, two years after the split it underwent in June 2015 when founding party leader and economics professor Bernd Lucke was voted out, left the party and formed a new one.
After years of moving around with the armed forces, Rachael Lucke and husband Paul decided to put down roots.
Each radiograph was assessed based on a validated system used by Lucke et al.
The company was co-founded by Britt Schmidt and David Lucke, experienced oil and gas executives, with the vision of creating a differentiated national brand that has the technical capability to more efficiently fulfill customer needs.
Edited by Ann Lucke (former Managing Editor at Getty Publications, Metropolitan Museum of Art), "Yosemite People" is more than a book of photos-it includes a collection of stories, essays, and interviews from the diverse groups Kulikauskas met along the way.
Antibacterial activity: All LAB strains were screened for their antibacterial activity by the agar spot test described by Schillinger and Lucke (1987).
Fundado en abril de 2013 por el economista Bernd Lucke, el periodista Konrad Adam y el exmilitante de la CDU, Alexander Gauland, AfD se presento en un inicio como un partido liberal-conservador cuyo principal programa giraba en torno a la desaparicion del euro.
Founded in early 2013 by politician Alexander Gauland, economist Bernd Lucke and journalist Konrad Adam, Alternative for Germany focused its initial efforts on opposing the Merkel government's handling of the eurozone crisis.
Tiffany Jones, Bonnie Hart, Morgan Carpenter, Gavi Ansara, William Leonard, Jayne Lucke
The spinal cord injury (SCI) creates a chronic health condition, causing severe and disabling consequences for a series of vital functions, such as locomotion, sensitivity, sexuality, urinary and intestinal elimination, and the autonomous nervous system (Angel, Kirkevold, & Pedersen, 2011; Livecchi, 2011; Lucke, Martinez, Mendez, & Arevalo-Flechas, 2013; Rabeh & Caliri, 2010; Stahel, Vander-Heiden, & Finn, 2012).