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Lucille Ball also appeared in more than 70 movies, including Stage Door (1937) and Too Many Girls (1940).
Few people knew America's comic sweetheart, Lucille Ball, the way Lee Tannen did.
He also especially enjoyed ``The Facts of Life'' and ``Fancy Pants,'' two of the films he made with Lucille Ball, says Linda Hope.
And ``The Facts of Life,'' the 1960 adultery comedy he produced and starred in with Lucille Ball, hinted that he could project deeper, stronger emotions.
The campaign, which will run in major cities across the country, features original footage of Lucille Ball from "The Lucy Show," Joe Friday (Jack Webb) and Bill Gannon (Harry Morgan) from "Dragnet" and Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne) and Eddie Munster (Butch Patrick) from "The Munsters" set in today's Service Merchandise store.
Terry Frias of Van Nuys planned to dress up her 19-month-old boxer-terrier mix, Lucy, into Lucille Ball for the costume contest.
After Lockheed, she went to work at Universal Studios, cleaning the bungalows of such movie stars as Lucille Ball, Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, and Clint Eastwood before she retired in 1979.
Indeed, Jimmy Durante still charms television watchers, but 50 years ago when it came time to bestow the 1952 Emmy for the Most Outstanding Television Personality, the winner, chosen over nominees that included not only Durante, but also Lucille Ball, Arthur Godfrey and Edward R.
Lucille Ball also lived here for a while," says Joe Kaminski, GM of the Delmonico for the past ten years.
Boris Karloff, the Marx Brothers, Eddie Cantor, James Cagney, Lucille Ball, and Frederic March were only a few of the Screen Actors Guild enthusiasts from among the stars.
On offer are Terry Thomas's Too Many Crooks (certainly are in this election); Woody Allen's Take The Money And Run (cash-for- questions Tories already have), and Look Who's Laughing (not John Major as Tony Blair sweeps into Downing Street) with Lucille Ball and - I kid you not - one Neil Hamilton