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A bushy perennial that is a rich source of vitamins C, D, E and K, which is used primarily as animal fodder, though health-food advocates have made many extravagant claims for its use, including cancer treatmnet; alfalfa is administered internally for alcoholism, caries and diabetes, as well as bladder inflammation, gastrointestinal complaints (bloating, constipation, indigestion) and halitosis.


(Medicago sativa) A form of ground cover used as animal feed and as a nutritional supplement in humans. Sometimes eaten in salads. Many drug interactions are reported.
Synonym(s): lucerne, purple medick.
[Sp., fr. Ar. al-fasfasah]


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men's four and women's eight won gold medals on the final day of competition at the 2004 BearingPoint Rowing World Cup in Lucerne, Switzerland.
For the printed invitation or more information contact: Caux Conference Secretariat, PO Box 4419, Ch-6002 Lucerne, Switzerland.
All of it indicates that festival cities from Charleston, South Carolina, to Lucerne, Switzerland, reap immense financial rewards from culture-hungry visitors.
Nordhaus and Ben Abruzzo laid the foundation for the tram in 1960, when they contracted with the firm of Bell Engineering, headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland, to work on the project.
Among the new generation of hotels explored are The Hotel in Lucerne, Switzerland, which re-creates movie scenes on its guestroom ceilings to express the hotel as cinematic experience; The Venetian in Las Vegas, an example of the gambling capital's new generation of scenographic experience; and the sail-shaped Bur Al-Arab in Dubai, the tallest hotel in the world.
Creative Teaching," conference, World Association for Case Method Research and Application, in Lucerne, Switzerland.
uk/conferences/2002/air02*European Fuel Cell Forum Conference and product presentation on July 1-5 in Lucerne, Switzerland.
A year ago, Alveo, a division of Sekisui based in Lucerne, Switzerland, reportedly made the world's thinnest crosslinked polyolefin foam--a 16-milthick foamed LDPE copolymer film for lens gaskets in cell phones.
Fredag AG, in Root, near Lucerne, Switzerland is an established and highly innovative business, producing over 25 tonnes of chilled and frozen foods per day.
Bakery goods specialist HUG AG of Lucerne, Switzerland, introduced Pizzettini at the recently held SIAL Exhibition in Paris.
The author of this book currently holds a teaching appointment at the theological faculty in Lucerne, Switzerland.
Applied Color Systems is a member company of the Color Division of Eichhof Group, Lucerne, Switzerland.