(right and left) fibrous rings of heart

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(right and left) fi·brous rings of heart

two fibrous rings that surround atrioventricular orifices of the heart, providing attachment for the atrioventricular valve leaflets and maintaining patency of the orifices. As part of the fibrous skeleton of the heart, the fibrous rings also provide origin and insertion for the myocardium.
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Make room for the Jew in front of the lower ring,'' said Prince John, not unwilling perhaps to, seize an apology to desist from his original purpose;
th] VCM Report, Georgia Power reported substantial progress at the construction site near Waynesboro, including the placement of the containment vessel lower ring and structural wall module CA05 in the Unit 3 nuclear island.
Pre Qualification: Set Of Forgings Required For Race Ring Consisting Of Lower Ring To Drg No Ak-630 119-1 Tentative Annual Requirement 15 Set
At a time when the technology of castle building was racing ahead, the king's other new castles in Wales, like Rhuddlan and Holt, were each marvels of modern engineering where a circle of tall inner walls was perfectly mirrored by a lower ring of outer walls.
Local media reported that almost the entire lower ring of the stands was soaked although Secopa played down the problem, saying the leaks were not serious and would not affect any of the matches being played there during next year's World Cup.
Only a small elevation correction may be required if changing to a higher or lower ring set.
Supplied with the rifle were Talley's aircraft aluminum bases and rings (the lower ring being part of the base).
The design of the CR Twin involves a lower ring with a single-lip air distributor that provides gradual cooling to stabilise the bubble and increase its physical properties.
At the front of the hole in each AQD base there is a fixed cross pin, which engages the groove in the lower ring half stud.
The old store is dilapidated and a new store would enhance the lower ring road in Huddersfield, along with providing a more modern sports centre, replacing the one that will soon be needing money wasting on it to refurbish it.
Each time the melting wax reached a lower ring, you knew that an hour had gone.
The bomb was found on Monday night under the lower ring of seats during renovation work, said police spokeswoman Kerstin Spitzer.

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