lower limb

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1. one of the paired appendages of the body used in locomotion and grasping; see arm and leg. Called also member, membrum, and extremity.
2. a structure or part resembling an arm or leg.
anacrotic limb ascending limb (def. 2).
artificial limb a replacement for a missing limb; see also prosthesis.
ascending limb
1. the distal part of Henle's loop.
2. the ascending portion of an arterial pulse tracing; called also anacrotic limb.
catacrotic limb descending limb (def. 2).
descending limb
1. the proximal part of Henle's loop.
2. the descending portion of an arterial pulse tracing; called also catacrotic limb.
lower limb the limb of the body extending from the gluteal region to the foot; it is specialized for weight-bearing and locomotion. See also leg.
pectoral limb the arm (upper limb), or a homologous part.
pelvic limb the leg (lower limb), or a homologous part.
phantom limb the sensation, after amputation of a limb, that the absent part is still present; there may also be paresthesias, transient aches, and intermittent or continuous pain perceived as originating in the absent limb.
residual limb stump.
thoracic limb pectoral limb.
upper limb the limb of the body extending from the deltoid region to the hand; it is specialized for functions requiring great mobility, such as grasping and manipulating. See also arm.

low·er limb

the hip, thigh, leg, ankle, and foot.

low·er limb

(lō'ĕr lim) [TA]
The hip, thigh, leg, ankle, and foot.
Synonym(s): lower extremity.
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The lower limb amputation constitutes a major handicap and we can lessen the risk of this incapacity by a good and suitable rehabilitation4.
In addition, when the upper and lower limb rehabilitation exercises are performed while sitting, only the limb muscles are strengthened with low efficiency of the rehabilitation exercise.
The relative load distribution between the medial and lateral compartments of the knee joint was measured for the numerical models with a UKA in the different postoperative lower limb alignment and tibial tray inclination configurations.
Peripheral arterial disease is also a well-known risk factor for progression to lower limb gangrene and resultant amputation.
With the previous studies in mind, in order to assess the activity of trunk as well as lower limb muscles; the following muscles were chosen: rectus abdominus, external oblique, longissimus, multifidus as well as vastus medialis, vastus lateralis and hamstrings, all from the right side of the subjects' body.
Pattern-3 is similar to a case report mentioned by Manisha et al who observed unilateral duplication of great saphenous vein in a male cadaver in the right lower limb below knee at level of medial condyle of Tibia.
The hospital said the infant was suffering from bilateral claw hands, bilateral complex deformity of the lower limbs with bilateral varus deformity and complex foot deformity.
This US FDA approval was based on the company's large, international development programme that included a phase three, multi-centre, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial that evaluated the safety and efficacy of BOTOX compared to placebo in more than 400 patients with lower limb spasticity following stroke.
A radiograph of the entire lower limb revealed that the tip of the residual left femur moved upward about 4 centimeters on the left leg compared with the right leg in the standing position (Figure 2).
The resubmission provides additional data from a double-blind, placebo controlled study involving 468 patients with lower limb spasticity.
In it was a man in his 20s with multiple rib and lower limb fractures, serious chest and abdominal injuries.
Influence of the Upper Body of Pedestrians on Lower Limb Injuries and Effectiveness of the Upper Body Compensation Method of the FlexPLI," SAE Int.