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The expression of emotional pain that follows when one person continues to love another and that love is not reciprocated to the degree desired
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Their findings highlighted significant differences between the sexes, with 25% more men than women found to suffer lovesickness after every relationship, with far fewer men than women having to be "really in love" to experience it.
50) Kinski's vampire is a creature of the melancholic despair associated with lovesickness, a being who feels the "absence of love" acutely, and longs for death, which is "not the worst.
Lovesickness in the Middle Ages: The Viaticum and Its Commentaries.
Aga and young Tomoko's discontent with their careers), and the lovesickness of the lovers (e.
The soaring, romantic melody of the folk song was eventually drowned out by blasts of interference, as the dancers writhed and squirmed in exquisite expression of lovesickness.
As the author shows, lovesickness and love-melancholy have proved strategically important to early modern romances, where typically love finds its fulfillment in longing, the beloved is internalized, and passio reigns.
In particular cases it may be the desire for somebody or something specific, nostalgia, lovesickness.
Once in Thebes, Arcite sickens and fades away because of lovesickness (I 1355-79), rather than (as Palamon thought he would do) raise an army to fight Theseus and so win Emelye (I 1285-90).
In his Treatise on Lovesickness (1623), Jacques Ferrand describes how 'Once love deceives the eyes, which are the true spies and gatekeepers of the soul, she slips through the passageways, travelling imperceptibly by way of the veins to the liver'.
An honestly performed lovesickness or a meeting with Hitler in hell (or in heaven?
Even Polonius detects the illusion, in his famous remark that there is method in this madness--although at the same time he writes it off as the happy and poignant effect of madness, blinded as he is by his theory of Hamlet's lovesickness.
God-fearing physicians broke with the wisdom of the ancients and rejected the therapeutic value of coitus and other Galenic methods aimed at evacuating toxic levels of black bile--methods that had been used to treat the melancholic ailment known as amor hereoes or lovesickness.