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Pierre C.A., French physician, 1787-1872. See: Louis angle, Louis law.

Pasteur, Louis

Etymology: French chemist, 1822-1895
promoter of the germ theory of infection and developer of the pasteurization process to kill pathogenic organisms in milk. Pasteur also developed several vaccines and pioneered the development of stereochemistry by separating mirror image isomers.
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A Masterpiece Reconstructed: The Hours of Louis XII, Los Angeles and London, 2005, pp.
This consultation concerns the construction of a house cartoon in an old-fashioned Louis XII at Blois (41).
Contractor address : Halle Louis XII, 3 rue des Jacobins
Louis XII en Milanais: Guerre et politique, art et culture.
35) He collected monastic benefices in France, with the consent of Louis XII, but was never given an episcopal see.
Several articles take us away from Rome, discussing musicians at Mantua, Urbino, Florence, Loreto, and at the courts of Anne of Brittany and Louis XII.
The three decades encompassing the reigns of Charles VIII (1483-98) and Louis XII (1498-1514) have always seemed a sort of twilight zone in French history, too late to be characterized as truly part of the Middle Ages yet too early for the Renaissance.
Les notaires et secritaires du roi sous les regnes tie Louis XI, Charles VII et Louis XII (1461 - 1515).
57) The progress of the ordinance was also a recurrent topic during the discussions Fr ancesco Pandolfini, the Florentine ambassador, held with French representatives at the court of Louis XII of France at Blois.
The son of a disgraced cousin of Louis XII (Charles d'Angouleme, who had taken part in the guerre folle against Louis XI in 1487, and who had in any case died in 1496), Francois's ties to the ruling branch of the family were weak.
Until the death of Louis XII, the effigy remained on top of the coffin.
Moller cites biographical information for a men such as Rembrandt and Louis XII who did not begin to grow beards until twenty-three and twenty-six respectively.