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Adolf, Austrian surgeon, 1854-1946. See: Lorenz sign.
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Tulawie claimed 'Philip' was actually Salip Abdullah, whom Lorenz supposedly met at the then governor's house.
Lejos de ser un imitador de Frank Sinatra, tentacion en la que han caido algunos cantantes, Lorenz toma esos temas y los re-conceptualiza, los hace suyos y les imprime su personalidad, su voz y estilo.
Lorenz encouraged attendees to apply new technologies, but examine ways to "take people along" using education and applying technology in a way that enhances human capabilities.
A resident of Bucks County, where she lives with her husband and three children, Lorenz participates in volunteering and fundraising with Partners in Education, an organization that builds relationships between schools and businesses in order to support schools' strategic initiatives.
CDER and CBER will use the Lorenz product suite to validate and review incoming and legacy eCTD submissions.
The issuer also must "prominently post on its Web site" information about the increase, Lorenz says.
Andy Clark, chairman of the trustees at the Bletchley Park museum, said: "Everybody knows about Enigma but the Lorenz machine was used for strategic communications.
Mr Lorenz, creator 8,000 albums which sold eight million copies, was accused of being "inherently unreliable" and playing "fast and loose" with others' rights.
GBCE Ltd and Lorenz Voyager Travel Ltd both ceased trading this week.