logistic curve

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lo·gis·tic curve

an S-shaped curve that depicts the growth of a population in an area of fixed limits.

logistic curve

an S-shaped curve of numbers against time that represents the growth in numbers of a population of organisms in a limited environment. see GROWTH CURVE.
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It goes without saying, that this cannot be done using only the rule of compound interest; however, it is not difficult, if we apply the logistic function of the future value of capital.
Although the index of completion was modeled with a logistic function in the present study, alternative functions (e.
Parameters a = 2 and b = 15 were selected as the best representation of distance decay using the negative logistic function since this particular model provided the best fit of the data.
The logistic function is often used as the hidden layer transfer function, that is,
where A is a constant indicating the degree of severity of the characteristic (height, slope, or location) that will be modified and Yp is the value of the logistic function at iteration p.
Briefly, the test procedure first assumes that the logistic function [S.
The BPA has a linear approximation function for the input layer and a logistic function for the output layer.
The mainstay four-parameter logistic function developed by Rodbard is contrasted to the Logit Y transform and others.
The specificity of the logistic function lies in its limited growth aspect.
The proposed ECBFSC works using an iterative cipher mechanism that is based on the logistic function.

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