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The logarithm of the ratio of frequencies of two different categoric and mutually exclusive outcomes such as healthy and sick.
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A score of zero log-odds (logits) is an average control ability [7].
After finding out the adjusted logistic model, the log-odds of winning sets were analysed according to game location and set number.
Again, we used the log-odds transformation for proportions data.
There was significant random variation in the log-odds of arrest at the agency level for each victim-offender relationship category.
These relative benefits are graphed against the log-odds of the labor force participation rate.
i], represents the log-odds of PASU for a patient of average discharge severity treated at the ith hospital, and is assumed to vary across hospitals.
On the left-hand side of the equation, the log-odds was a logarithm of the ratio of the probability of occurrence of an event, P(Y=h|X), to the probability of nonoccurrence of the event, P(Y=0|X).
The discrete-time logit model is defined using the logit or log-odds and models the log-odds for conditional probabilities as a linear function of a set of explanatory variables (Hosmer and Lemeshow 1989).
In particular, the log-odds of using contraceptives increase by 1.
The log-odds of favoring the death penalty decreases by .
The ability of the contextual factors to significantly predict the use of assistive technology was indicated by the corresponding log-odds and odds ratios.