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Charles B., English anatomist and surgeon, 1858-1914. See: Lockwood ligament.
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Two years before, Lockwood had heard Bell lecture in Chickering Hall, New York, and was a "doubting Thomas.
He might fairly have been compared, in action, to a rapid-firing Gatling gun; while Smith was a hundred-ton cannon, and Lockwood was the maker of the ammunition.
Roe Lockwood & Son, New York, for my Spanish books, and I dare say that my letters were sufficiently pedantic, and filled with a simulated acquaintance with all Spanish literature.
he can't face the tenantry; they know about Agnes Lockwood.
Larry was the assistant winemaker at Lockwood for 7 years (1991-98) and subsequently went on to be General Manager at J.
Apparently, playing the blues is good for you - at least judging by 86-year-old Robert Lockwood Jr.
30 explosions may be "largerthan what we would have predicted for this soon after the main August event," says volcanologist John Lockwood.
Draw, Lockwood Con: (2 Qualifiers) PS Manson (4) (Golcar Lib) v B Gilbert (4) (Broad Oak), G Sigsworth (3) (Cowcliffe) v L Peacock (4) (Milnsbridge BC), B Walsh (5) (Meltham) v G Baxter (5) (Crosland Moor), G Siswick (3) (Crosland Moor) v C Taylor (4) (Broad Oak BC), J McNeil (6) (Moldgreen Con) v B Tinker (4) (Longwood BC), A Crawley (4) (Lowerhouses) v T Fowler (3) (Crosland Moor), S Gledhill (4) (Longwood BC) v J Baxter (7) (Milnsbridge BC), J Greenhalgh (3) (Crosland Moor) v M Rushworth (5) (Thorpe Green).
Lockwood Greene is a global business partner for engineering and construction serving manufacturing, process, power and institutional clients.
Toeppen noted that Pessagno had been with the winery almost from the beginning and had made important contributions in bringing Lockwood Vineyard wines to national attention.
And as one of the last living links to this mythic figure, the 85-year-old Lockwood can still conjure Johnson's bone-chilling Mississippi Delta sound whenever he pleases.
Lockwood, President and CEO of Community Health Partners Regional Health System described, "Our 'New Approach' is based on investing in the individual communities we serve by establishing effective health partnerships which will enable us to bring needed healthcare services (specific to each individual community) close to those we care for.