Localized infection

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Localized infection

An infection that is limited to a specific part of the body and has local symptoms.


limited in area or volume.

localized infection
see local infection.
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In Michigan, even when no clinical signs or symptoms were evident, MRI sometimes was conducted to detect localized infections.
Here, we could not detect differences between mortality in patients with localized infection (35.
In general, treatment for localized infections consists of state-of-the-art wound care, with an emphasis on moist wound healing, scrupulous dressing changes, patient turning and other measures to heal existing wounds and keep healthy skin intact.
Because it appeared that he had not improved either clinically or by imaging from the localized infection, pericardiectomy was performed with ultimate drainage of a collection of pus located between the right atrium and the aorta.
The clinical presentation varies [4,5]; cutaneous inoculation can result in localized infection with nodule formation and lymphandenitis [4].
Since their introduction into domestic bird populations, these viruses have caused low-pathogenicity avian influenza (LPAI), a localized infection that results in mild disease, primarily respiratory disease, depression, and egg-production problems.
A small, localized infection can be treated with the antibiotic ointment mupirocin.
A possible explanation includes highly localized infection without induction of systemic antibody.
In addition, WNV-associated acute flaccid paralysis was discussed; the paralysis is caused by localized infection of the anterior horn cells of the spinal cord, resulting in signs and symptoms similar to poliomyelitis.
The same goes for localized infections of inflammation as well as for a fever.
fortuitum is responsible for 60% of the localized infections in previously healthy individuals.
Infection with this microorganism should be emphasized because it is a rare organism causing severe infections such as infectious endocarditis and polyarthritis following localized infections.

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