Localized infection

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Localized infection

An infection that is limited to a specific part of the body and has local symptoms.


limited in area or volume.

localized infection
see local infection.
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In general, treatment for localized infections consists of state-of-the-art wound care, with an emphasis on moist wound healing, scrupulous dressing changes, patient turning and other measures to heal existing wounds and keep healthy skin intact.
1) Disseminated and visceral infections are usually treated with Amphotericin B, whereas the azole antifungal agents, especially itraconazole, are used for more localized infections.
apiospermum, has been recovered from soil and potted plants and is known to cause asymptomatic colonization as well as localized infections following penetrating trauma and injection drug use.
Localized infections do not generally cause circulating PCT increases.
Do not initiate treatment with Cimzia(R) in patients with active infections, including chronic or localized infections.
It will be interesting to see whether the mutants are compromised in the localized infections as well," says William A.

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