Lobo disease


A chronic localized mycosis of the skin reported from South America resulting in granulomatous nodules or keloids that contain budding, thick-walled cells about 9 mcm in diameter, that is, the tissue form of Loboa loboi, the causative fungus, which has not been cultured. Also occurs in dolphins.
Synonym(s): Lobo disease

Lobo disease

[Jorge Lobo, 20th-cent. Brazilian physician]


Jorge, Brazilian physician, 1900-1979.
Lobo disease - a chronic localized mycosis of the skin. Synonym(s): lobomycosis
lobomycosis - Synonym(s): Lobo disease
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His initial infection manifested as cutaneous lesions that occur in Jorge Lobo disease.
Since a cytotoxic response is observed in Jorge Lobo disease (7), HIV infection may increase the susceptibility to infection with L.
The lesion increased in size, and a histopathologic diagnosis of Jorge Lobo disease was made.
Mycoses such as Jorge Lobo disease, caused by Blastomyces loboi, are also characteristic of the region (1).