Littre's hernia

Lit·tre's hernia

(lē′trəz, lē-trāz′)
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Since then hernia sacs containing only Meckel's diverticulum have been called Littre's hernia.
8) Clinically, a distinction between the involvement of a small bowel loop versus a Meckel's diverticulum in an inguinal hernia cannot be made and thus the diagnosis of a Littre's hernia is often made in the perioperative period.
Littre's hernia in infancy presenting as indescended testicle.
Small bowel fistula from a Littre's hernia, Br J Surg 1983; 70: 244-245.
Only 4% of people with this pathology develop complications, which includes obstruction, hemorrhage, inflammation, perforation, neoplasia and Littre's hernia.
8%[1] Inguinal hernia groin SL NO Operative diagnosis Type of surgery 1 Meckel's Band Release of band & Diverticulectomy 2 Intussusception with Diverticulectomy Meckel's as lead Segmental resection point of ileum & anastomosis 3 Perforated Meckel's Diverticulectomy Diverticulum with Segmental Resection peritonitis of ileum & anastomosis 4 Diverticulitis Diverticulectomy 5 Diverticulitis Diverticulectomy 6 Prolapsed meckel's Diverticulectomy diverticulum Segmental Resection of ileum & anastomosis 7 Littre's hernia Herniotomy Table 3: Histologic Types Mucosa type No of patients percentage Gastric 10 62.
Since then the hernia sacs containing only Meckel's diverticula are termed as Littre's hernia.
The diagnosis of a strangulated Littre's Hernia is unlikely to be made preoperatively as the presenting signs and symptoms are more subtle and evolve more slowly than those of strangulated small intestine (6, 7, 9).
There are various mechanisms by which Meckel's diverticulum can cause intestinal obstruction such as (a) Volvulus of small intestine around a fibrous band extending from Meckel's diverticulum to umbilicus (b) Intussusception--ileo-ileal and ileocolic type (c) Littre's hernia (d) Entrapment of small bowel beneath the blood supply of the diverticulum, also known as a meso diverticular band (e) Stricture secondary to chronic diverticulitis (f) Meckel's diverticulum lithiasis (g) Band extending between the diverticulum and the base of the mesentery, forming a loop in which a part of ileum may get stuck causing obstruction (h) Other rare mechanisms.
In our series of such unusual presentations the first case is that of Littre's hernia i.
Strangulated Littre's Hernia :A case report and review of literature.
INTRODUCTION: We are reporting a case of a Strangulated Littre's hernia in a 19 year old male from Sri Aurobindo Medical College and Postgraduate Institute of Indore which is a leading tertiary care centre of Central India.