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Alexis, French anatomist, 1658-1726. See: Littré glands, Littré hernia.
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Joan Jara stated that she was gratified that "after forty-one years we heard in a judicial proceeding what happened with Victor and Littre, and we must celebrate this, in spite of everything" {Biobiochile.
Similar to Warnnissorn and colleagues, (8) we found that the perimeatal region was involved and the absence of sweat, Littre or Cowper's glands was compatible with the hypothesis that MC is a bimodal cancer.
In June of 1881, Zola himself wrote an article in praise of another presence in the doctor's library, Emile Littre, who had recently died.
31) LITTRE, Emile, voz "Pochard", voz "Pochad", en Dictionnaire de la Langue Francaise, t.
Les deux linguistes soulignent d'ailleurs que bon nombre de dictionnaires et ouvrages de reference actualises, comme le Littre, appliquent la nouvelle orthographe, tout comme le font d'ailleurs les correcteurs informatiques.
Entre Gorgones et Meduses, une distinction s'impose toutefois: les Meduses sont d'une laideur extreme, contrairement a la beaute exemplaire de la Gorgone mythologique, d'apres le Littre.
60) The word is treated as obsolete by Emile Littre, Dictionnaire de la langue francaise (Paris: Hachette, 1873-74), 3:665, s.
Architect Frangois Dauby, for example, was part of the Societe anonyme de construction de Passy (November 1880), the Societe anonyme de construction de la Chapelle (February 1881), the Societe anonyme immobiliere des terrains et constructions des Ternes (August 1881), the Societe anonyme immobiliere de la rue Vaneau and the Societe anonyme des terrains et constructions du faubourg du Temple (both founded November 1881), as well as the Societe de construction de la rue Littre (January 1882), and the Societe anonyme immobiliere des terrains et constructions de la rue Cardinet (February-March 1882).
I would also like to recall the reflection of the filmmaker Jean-Marie Straub on what he describes as "lacunary" art with a homology drawn from Littre, a term from mineralogy: "Lacunary body, body composed of agglomerated crystals that leave intervals among themselves.
3,5) Evidence of prostatic differentiation has been reported within the periurethral glands of Littre along the entire length of the urethra, (4) as well in cystitis cystica/glandularis in 1 study, (15) suggesting that a metaplastic origin of EPT from these entities may be plausible.
A lo sumo, se les podia tachar de poco versados en cuestiones de politica, y por ende tranquilos, como era el caso de Emile Littre en Francia y de Herbert Spencer en Inglaterra; pero esto en lugar de ser motivo de critica mas bien lo era de alabanza porque solo de esa manera se estaba en plena posibilidad de investigar la verdad.