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Robert, English surgeon, 1794-1847. See: Liston knives, Liston shears.
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While he was heavyweight champion Liston is still remembered for notorious world title fights against Muhammad Ali, both of which he lost - the second controversially.
Though he was world champion, Liston is remembered for his notorious world title fights against Muhammad Ali, both of which he lost, the second most controversially.
In November 1964, Liston was firm favourite to beat Ali in their second scheduled clash when, three days before the fight, Ali was found to be suffering from an incarcerated inguinal hernia.
Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston fight-worn gloves that were worn by Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston in the famous May 25, 1965 'Phantom Punch' bout in Lewiston, ME -- perhaps the most controversial sports event in history.
Then Liston shocked the boxing world by failing to come out for the seventh round, stating he had a shoulder injury.
The first fight against Liston would be his last as Clay.
LEGEND: Cassius Clay - now Muhammad Ali - being restrained by his seconds as he rushes across the ring after his world heavyweight title fight victory over Sonny Liston in February 1964, yelling to the ringside reporters 'eat your words
Liston specialises in yakitori, which will be a highlight on the tasting menu dinner featuring ingredients such as wakame, kombu, yuzu and laver.
It is obvious that Liston became bogey manned by boxing promoters and sports writers because he was not pretty and telegenic like Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard and the current box office attraction, Alvarez.
Like his former adversary and conquerer, Muhammad Ali, American boxer Liston once paid a visit to Tyneside.
Liston has been a member of the concrete industry for his entire career, serving with Hanson Pipe & Precast since 2006 and at W.
The unfortunate youngster represents the earliest documented case of severe child abuse, Liston said on April 10.