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Johann B., German physiologist, 1808-1882. See: Listing reduced eye, Listing law.
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The Commercial Listing Exchange (CLE), for the first time, enable firms to share exclusive listings electronically on a weekly basis.
All it takes is a 386 or 486 PC with a modem for a subscriber to post a listing of materials or machinery for sale or for a potential buyer to scan those listings (each with a desired price).
There are stories of companies spending enormous amounts for listings in Tokyo only to see trading dry up quickly and the shares float back to the U.
21(st) Exclusive NYSE Arca Listing On New Platform for Emerging Issuers
Feedback is provided on how many times listings are viewed and what type of property people search for.
com has revolutionized the process of buying and selling real estate by giving us the ability to upload and view live video listings in a television format via the Internet.
The Commercial Listing Exchange (CLE) will, for the first time, enable firms to share exclusive listings electronically on a weekly basis.
According to the complaint, REBNY has tied access to its listings with the subscription and purchase of proprietary database software ROLEX and Real Plus.
Based on market capitalization, more than 96% of the qualified domestic energy-related stocks are currently listed on NYSE Group, where energy company listings represent a total market capitalization of more than $3.
The number of visits by Internet users to Manhattan listings has already risen to striking levels.
The company also expanded the number of high-speed international listings available through its Global Gateway Service, offering international callers listings in 25 North American, European, and Pacific Rim countries.
com can provide one-stop home shopping with access to the Westchester and Putnam Multiple Listing Service (WPMLS), as well as listings throughout the country.