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Johann B., German physiologist, 1808-1882. See: Listing reduced eye, Listing law.
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Spinola, "Clearly, an open system of exchange makes the industry more efficient because brokers will spend less time looking for exclusive listings, and more time closing deals.
When posting a for-sale listing, the subscriber selects the resin grade from the database and the material characteristics automatically accompany the listing.
As online events grow, a reliable national source of listings becomes more important,'' said Silver.
Depending on your company's long-term business and capital objectives, listing on a foreign market could provide the bridge you need to survive in the brave-new-world marketplace.
NYSE Group is a leading provider of securities listing, trading and market data products and services.
The system operates using a Realplus Online Listings EXchange communication device that allows any REBNY member to transmit information from his/her own in-house listings system, or platform.
This will open up the market and create a unified system for sharing listings.
Banner listings can make sure customers not only find your phone number in the directory but also important information they need to know or have forgotten.
NEW YORK -- Today, NYSE Arca(sm) welcomed Constellation Energy Partners LLC (NYSE Arca: CEP) as its 2(nd) IPO since launching its new listing platform for emerging issuers early this year.
More than 225 residential firms now share their exclusive listings and better serve their clients.
Or, if customers need more than 10 listings, they can reserve time with an operator for $1 per minute with a 15-minute minimum (a $15 charge.
Listing accuracy key to new market penetration and transaction growth for LSSi