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Lucien, 20th-century Belgian scientist. See: Lison-Dunn stain.
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You know who you are, section 111 of the Lison Lion Stand.
FRENCHMAN Henri Lison would have been well-stocked with toothpaste in his bathroom cabinet.
Perhaps more account might be taken of this practice also in explaining why sexual encounters of any intimate kind take place off-stage, as reported action (as in Le Gentilhomme, Naudet, Lison et la demoiselle) or are dealt with in extravagantly metaphorical exchanges of dialogue.
The producers and directors at Gjenius Productions, LazRael Lison, Tatiana Chekhova and Shary Nassimi have set out to show their stuff, while representing American movie makers in their best light.
Napierska D, Thomassen LC, Rabolli V, Lison D, Gonzalez L, Kirsch-Volders M, et al.
A LISON Steadman may be one of most talented, awardwinning actresses, but she still gets nervous when appearing on television.
46) and Haufroid and Lison (47) found that urine cotinine >50 [micro]g/L consistently differentiated abstinence from continued tobacco use.
In Le source du Lison de Gustave Courbet, 1979-80, for example, he reproduces the landscape in question in oil on canvas, working from a photograph he took of the same location, after much research on Courbet's precise placement.
Celebrating the opening of Polesworth children's centre are (front, from left) Lison Tweedale, Charlie Lambert and Katy Narborough Picture: Robin Bidgood
The Lison Lion features archive black and white photographs from Stein's days at Celtic and as Scotland manager.
The Irish tries were bagged by Thomas O'Leary, Paul McKenzie and David O'Brien, while Jean-Baptiste Peyras and Dennis Lison replied.