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The combination of our development tools with best- in-class products from industry leaders like Motorola, Lineo, and Embedded Planet should bring peace of mind to hardware and software engineers looking to develop applications for embedded networks.
Lineo distributes vertical solutions (Smart Handheld, Residential Gateway, Digital Media/TV) that allow OEMs to create smart embedded devices and systems while helping OEMs to reduce system requirements, per-unit costs and time-to-market.
Through these design wins, Lineo continues to show the flexibility of Embedix Plus PDA as a robust software platform for many forms of smart handheld devices.
Lineo and IBM continue to work closely, enabling the porting of advanced applications and interactive content to Linux-based IBM platforms.
Alford Frost, Lineo senior vice president for marketing and business development, said, "The Lineo Embedix platform ensures the SPARC developer community with a familiar Linux API and hard real-time performance.
In its continuing support for open source development, Lineo has released generic MIPS support to the open source RTAI development group, now available from the RTAI project page at: http://www.
The Motorola DCT5000 set-tops with Lineo Embedix Digital Media core are expected to be available in Q1 of 2002.
To that end, NetSilicon announced the partnership will result in the porting of the Lineo uClinux(TM) operating system, a distribution of embedded Linux that is used for electronic devices that require an extremely small software footprint and do not require a memory management unit, to the NET+ARM(R) networked microprocessor from NetSilicon.
a leading innovator of embedded systems and real-time solutions, today announced the availability of the Lineo Embedix(TM) GPL Compliance Toolset.
Wipro Limited (NYSE: WIT), a leading global provider of IT services to international companies, and Lineo, the embedded Linux company, have announced a worldwide strategic partnership to achieve a common goal of jointly addressing business opportunities based on Linux technology.
a leading innovator of embedded operating system software and host development environments to enable vertical software stacks, today announced Lineo Embedix(R) BridgeWorks(TM) VX and PS, the first hard real-time solutions for porting legacy code from VxWorks(TM) or pSOS+(TM) to embedded Linux.
Opera Software ASA is an industry leader in the development of Web browser technology, partnering with companies such as IBM, AMD, Nokia, Macromedia, Symbian, Canal+ Technologies, Ericsson, Sharp, Lineo (now Embedix) and MontaVista Software.