(fla-vo-cox-id) ,


(trade name)


Therapeutic: nonopioid analgesics
Pharmacologic: flavanoids
Pregnancy Category: UK


Dietary management of osteoarthritis; considered to be a medical food product.


Anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties related to inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis by inhibiting cyclo-oxygenase (not COX-2 selective) and other mediators of inflammation.

Therapeutic effects

Decreased pain/inflammation associated with osteoarthritis, with improved mobility.


Absorption: Some intestinal conversion prior to absorption, remainder unknown.
Distribution: Unknown.
Metabolism and Excretion: Mostly metabolized by the liver.
Half-life: Unknown.

Time/action profile (analgesic effect)

POwithin 1–2 hrunknown12 hr


Contraindicated in: Hypersensitivity; Obstetric / Lactation / Pediatric: Not recommended.
Use Cautiously in: History of GI bleeding.

Adverse Reactions/Side Effects


  • ↑ BP
  • ↑ in varicose veins


  • GI upset


  • psoriasis


Drug-Drug interaction

None noted.


Oral (Adults) 250 mg every 12 hr (up to 250 mg three times daily has been used).


Capsules: 250 mg

Nursing implications

Nursing assessment

  • Assess pain (note type, location, and intensity), range of motion, degree of swelling, and stiffness in affected joints before and periodically during therapy.

Potential Nursing Diagnoses

Chronic pain (Indications)


  • Oral: Administer flavocoxid twice daily.

Patient/Family Teaching

  • Instruct patient to take flavocoxid as directed. Do not increase does without consulting health care professional.

Evaluation/Desired Outcomes

  • Decrease in pain and stiffness, and improved mobility in patients with osteoarthritis.


a trademark for flavocoxid.
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M2 PHARMA-November 22, 2017-FDA Warns Consumers about Potentially Life-Threatening Health Problems Linked to Limbrel
The US Food and Drug Administration is advising consumers not to use Limbrel, a product in capsule form currently being manufactured as a medical food to manage the metabolic processes associated with osteoarthritis, the agency said.
For example, Limbrel, a medical food from Primus Pharmaceuticals of Scottsdale, Ariz.
Now along comes Limbrel, each capsule containing 250 mg of flavocoxid.
Flavocoxid is currently available in two commercially marketed medical food products under the supervision of a qualified licensed health-care provider: Limbrel, a medical food available in 250 mg and 500 mg versions through conventional prescription pharmacy fulfillment (Primus Pharmaceuticals Inc.
First, in the medical food category, Limbrel (made and patented by Primus Pharmaceuticals, Scottsdale, AZ) is the first prescription product developed to meet the nutritional requirements of patients with osteoarthritis through dual inhibition of arachidonic acid metabolism.
Limbrel contains flavocoxid, a proprietary blend of natural ingredients from phytochemical food source materials.
The company claims that Limbrel delivers antioxidant benefit in a highly concentrated form that cannot be obtained simply by changing one's normal diet.