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Rensis, 20th-century U.S. social psychologist. See: Likert scale.
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Winston "Favre" Likert, a pilot who has flown the Prowler for the past three years as part of VAQ-134.
Responses to the questions using the 5-point Likert scale are described as means [+ or -] standard deviation (SD).
This was then followed by calculation on a seven point Likert scale, logistic regression analysis, and informal interviews with 22 participants.
Measures used in the present study Dimension Item Recoded Source Scale Information is a good N/A Ducoffe 1996 Likert source of product information provides timely N/A Likert information provides N/A Likert meaningful information about the product use of other consumers provides useful N/A Likert information about new products Entertainment is entertaining N/A Wolin et al.
Subjects were placed on a standardized step mill procedure until they complained of knee discomfort of at least 5 on a zero to 10 point Likert scale.
Patients' perceived level of knowledge of sedation/ anaesthesia for their colonoscopy was measured using a seven-point Likert scale (1=feeling not at all informed to 7=feeling very well informed).
Questions used the Likert scale, ranging from "dissatisfied" to "very satisfied", and 70 per cent of the responses were in the "very satisfied" range, said Professor Bamford.
Unos han utilizado escalas Likert y otros una combinacion de escalas Likert con diferencial semantico o con preguntas abiertas.
Similarly, the coding for Likert Scale classification in Section B was not elaborated in the materials and methods section.
Patients reported a better overall quality of life (as reported on a 10-point Likert scale with 0 = worst, 10 = best).
A five-point Likert scale ranging from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree) was used as a quantitative measure.