Life Extensionist

A person who wants a longer life and believes it can be accomplished by diet, nutritional supplements, lifestyle changes, etc.
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Stambler is himself an enthusiastic life extensionist.
A majority of these life extensionists follow a healthy lifestyle and usually possess high levels of health literacy.
Up to 50 and more different substances are usually comprising a typical supplement program of extreme life extensionists.
So would it be too presumptuous then for life extensionists to start taking, let's say, about 5 mg/kg per body weight in order to benefit from the speculative positive antidiabetic, anti-obesity, and pro-mitochondrial effects before all studies about pharmacokinetics and dosimetry of resveratrol in humans have been done?
Resveratrol is just one example, as there is certainly a large, bona fide antiaging pharmacopoeia out there already in use for a considerable period of time by seemingly healthy individuals--the life extensionists.
These meta-analyses do not display the "real life" situation about the advanced nutraceutical regimens, which are typically used by life extensionists.
There has been much interest among life extensionists in resveratrol, a substance found on the skin of red grapes which some scientists believe has been shown to extend the life span of nematode worms.
My interest in life extensionists in far-off lands was a major motivation for me to attend the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine conference in Thailand.
Each year, we fund a scholarship program that brings the most committed life extensionists under age 31 to South Florida.
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