Ralph E., German chemist, 1869-1947. See: Liesegang rings.
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Dyer himself acted as a teacher and mentor to emerging authors in his field, such as Immaculee Ilibagiza, Anita Moorjani, Scarlett Lewis, and Dana Liesegang.
Infor products are designed to complement one another and work as a functioning whole, helping businesses streamline operations through unified data and system access," said Ken Liesegang, director, PLM Product Management, Infor.
Zhang WL, Bielaszewska M, Liesegang A, Tschape H, Schmidt H, Bitzan M, et al.
Schmidt-Bergmann, Hansgeorg, and Torsten Liesegang, eds.
The topics include zirconium oxyhydrate gels with specifically repeated pulsation macromolecules' organizations, Liesegang operator as a consequence of the ionic molecular motion inside the Lenard-Jones potential, organizational mechanism in colloid chemistry stochastic systems, and the lag in how an external magnetic activation affects oxyhydrate gels.
The software used for the judging phase in digital ganzfeld was slightly adjusted so that it could present the 20 selected correspondences (see above) and was run on an IBM ThinkPad r40 notebook computer connected to a Liesegang dv 325 projector with a brightness of 1000 ANSI.
4) Gerhard Liesegang, 'Sobre o crescimento da ocupacao da Ilha de Mocambique e o desenvolvimento da estrutura a observar no fim do tempo colonial', in Ilha de Mocambique.
4) See Liesegang (1999), describing the impact of a stringent Minnesota disclosure law on the research activities of the Mayo Clinic.
The Mississippian age Black Hand member of the Cuyahoga Formation (Waverly Group) is a course, deltaic facies sandstone, with characteristic low amplitude cross beds, liesegang rings, and concretions.
The formation of colloidal cadmium sulfide on introduction of sodium sulfide to tetraethylorthosilicate (TEOS) gels impregnated with cadmium chloride precedes the aggregation of these colloid particles in the banded patterns characteristic of the so-called Liesegang phenomenon, or pattern precipitation.
For administrators adhering to high security and interoperability standards, Common Criteria and UC APL certifications instill confidence, reduce risks and eliminate the cost of validating products that have already met the certification standards," said Skip Liesegang, vice president, government channels division, immixGroup, a recognized leader in the public sector technology marketplace.