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Leo von S., Hungarian physician, 1852-1926. See: Liebermann-Burchard reaction, Liebermann-Burchard test.
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A sudden appearance of the D, E flat, C, B motif beloved of Shostakovich, who Liebermann has acknowledged as a major influence, pervaded the work until its haunting songlike ending.
As a composer more interested in tonal beauty and human drama than innovation and the progress of history, Lowell Liebermann excites both performers and audiences with his music.
While he appreciated what the French impressionists had achieved, he wanted to and did encourage the German variety via Max Liebermann, Leopold von Kalckreuth, Lovis Corinth, and Max Slevogt.
The third protocol used methods described by Liebermann and Tucker (2002) which included 20% EG and 20% dimethyl sulphoxide as the cryoprotectants.
The figure of Liebermann was central, since he was both the Secession's main spokesman and a Jew--although Paret points out that most modernists were not.
Liebermann dwells primarily on the account of the promulgation of the code by Bede and possible ambiguities in the Latin, concluding that Bede's assertion that the code was composed "iuxta exempla Romanorum" means only that it was written down, not that it was formed after one or several Merovingian codes.
Joseph Liebermann, Al Gore's choice for the VP spot on the 2000 Democratic ticket.
This event is congruent with earlier reports (loan 1927, Schiuma 1938, Daguerre 1940, Liebermann & Schiuma 1946, Liebermann 1972).
The pieces are by Henri Matisse, Max Liebermann and Carl Spitzweg.
The Liebermann Villa is the former summer residence of the impressionist painter Max Liebermann (18471937).
While Liebermann expresses a feeling of displacement and liminal existence in post-Wende Berlin through gothic, Wolf employs gothic motifs to work through her repressed compliance with the Stasi.
Songs relating in some way to the idea of home or a house that also point to the opening of the new home for the National Opera Center are by composers Mark Adamo, David Carlson, Richard Danielpour, Daron Hagen, Aaron Jay Kernis, Lori Laitman, Lowell Liebermann, David T.