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Edward G.T., English neurophysiologist, 1895-1981. See: Liddell-Sherrington reflex.
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Everyone has to constandy take the treatment into account when the family makes decisions (Ziegert, Fridlund, & Lidell, 2009).
From Matt Hughes and BJ Penn, Randy Couture versus Chuck Lidell, and Cain Velasquez against Junior Dos Santos-the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) had plenty of these in the form of classic trilogy bouts.
While the mixed martial arts world eagerly awaits former women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey's (12-1, 3 KOs) return to the octagon, retired UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Lidell told (http://www.
Building a Beginning by Jamie Lidell What's your ideal job, other than the one you've got?
Remix-wise, he's reworked LCD Soundsystem, Depeche Mode, the xx, Jamie Lidell, Alter Ego, Fever Ray, and Moby.
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Por sua vez, segundo McCleary e Viotti (2011), cresceu o interesse pela gestualidade nas linguas orais, no sentido de considerar a lingua e gestos como elementos de "um unico sistema cognitivo" (Kendon, 2004; McNeill, 1992; Goldin-Meadow, 2003), tal fato tem despertado a pesquisa pelo papel da gestualidade nas linguas de sinais (Correa, 2007; Cuxac, 2000; Lidell, 2000; McCleary e Viotti, 2011; Santana, Guarinello, Berberian e Massi, 2008; Wilcox, 2004).
3) Grupo de oficiales estadounidenses que adaptaron las ensenanzas de Lidell Hart y posteriormente las aplicaron a las guerras modernas.
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As the performance--featuring the Zadonu African Music and Dance Company, the UCLA Chamber Ensemble, The Reflections, and Jamie Lidell with Paul Taylor (pictured, left to right)--neared its end, it became an interactive experience in which guests could participate.
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Concepts closely related to intuition include sensitivity (Sayers & deVries, 2008), expertise (Paton, Thompson-Isherwood, & Thirsk, 2009), emotional intelligence (Kooker, Shoultz, & Codier, 2007), competence (Rischel, Larsen, & Jackson, 2008), self-knowledge (Bergdahl, Wikstrom, & Andershed, 2007), conscience (Jensen & Lidell, 2009), imagination (McCloughen, O'Brien, & Jackson, 2010), and surveillance (Kelly & Vincent, 2011).