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(lib'ĕr-ā-tŏr, -tōr),
An agent that stimulates or activates a physiologic chemical or an enzymatic action.
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For a very good compendium on the design, production, and use of the venerable Liberator (and Privateer), this is a fine addition to anyone's library.
I bought my first Liberator more than 20 years ago and, given the inherent lack of refinement of the piece, paid what I felt was an exorbitant $300.
Drawing on published and unpublished sources and interviews this essay offers the Liberator magazine as a critical example in the shaping of a radical print culture in the 1960s.
Further, Liberator Holdings is a development stage company that operates in an industry sector where securities values are highly volatile and may be influenced by economic and other factors beyond the Company's control, such as announcements and product development by competing product and competing service providers.
On behalf of the UKHMF and funded by DCLG this Procurement is seeking to award a Contract to one (1) Contractor to capture and preserve the testimony of British Holocaust survivors and concentration camp liberators.
involvement in the war, when but a handful of Liberators existed, and the rush was on for large, long-range aircraft.
0-friendly Health URL identifies a private, lifetime, health records account; the Data Liberators move data from radiology and cardiology devices and IHE conformant hospital systems into private health records accounts.
Liverpool independent financial adviser Alan Parkinson claimed similar liberators were springing up by the day.
It was at the finishing stage of the Battle of the Atlantic when the squadron was on very long range Liberators on convoy patrol.
Developed by Bizarre Creations, Fur Fighters is a genre-busting adventure game in which gamers are tasked to play the role of all six heavily-armed animal liberators on a mission to rescue their children from the Evil General Viggo.
The article also suggests that British could have won the Atlantic Battle a full year earlier if the American B-24 Liberators delivered to the Royal Air Force had been properly allocated to the battle.