leukocyte esterase test

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leu·ko·cyte es·ter·ase test

(LET) (lū'kō-sīt es'tĕr-ās test)
A chemical assay to determine the presence of lysed or intact white blood cells in urine, performed with a dipstick as part of routine urinalysis; serves as an adjunct to microscopic examination of urinary sediment, and used to screen asymptomatic people for urinary tract infection, especially chlamydial urethritis.
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The sensitivity of the leukocyte esterase test compared with the C trachomatis culture was 71.
These samples were deemed negative based on the leukocyte esterase test and/or nitrite test, but a culture revealed significant bacteriuria.
A good agreement was obtained between the OF-100 WBC count and the leukocyte esterase test strip reaction (Spearman r = 0.
Is the leukocyte esterase test and/or the nitrite test parts of the urine chemistry panel positive (as determined with a urine dipstick)?

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