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Edgar August, early 20th-century French physician. See: Fiessinger-Leroy-Reiter syndrome.
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Seen in the various phases of his daily life, he gave the idea of being perfectly well-balanced, as exactly regulated as a Leroy chronometer.
For, happening to mention one night that hers, which Rawdon had given to her, was of English workmanship, and went ill, on the very next morning there came to her a little bijou marked Leroy, with a chain and cover charmingly set with turquoises, and another signed Brequet, which was covered with pearls, and yet scarcely bigger than a half-crown.
Servin became, therefore, for feminine art, a specialty; like Herbault for bonnets, Leroy for gowns, and Chevet for eatables.
Leroy, who lives in Stocksfield, will initially concentrate on valuing properties in the Gateshead area, but with his experience of expensive homes in Northamtonshire, he may eventually operate over a wider area.
EU merger regulators have decided to refer back to national competition authorities their investigation into Leroy Merlin's acquisition of Brico DIY stores.
Though Larsen never explicitly mentions Harper's well-known novel Iola Leroy in her letters or literary essays, it is hard to imagine her not holding strong opinions about the prolific African American woman writer and activist who had achieved a popular reputation in the late nineteenth century, marking a place for herself in Phebe A.
Duval-Leroy Brut NV (a blend of 75% pinot noir grapes and 25% chardonnay); Rose NV (100% pinot noir); Blanc de Chardonnay (100% chardonnay); Vintage 1995 (65% chardonnay and 35% pinot noir, with a label created by LeRoy Neiman); Paris (40% chardonnay and 60 % pinot noir, with another label featuring LeRoy Neiman artwork); and Femme de Champagne Vintage 1990 (89% chardonnay and 11% pinot noir).
Leroy Alan Sheridan, 17, bled to death from wounds to his throat in Toryglen, Glasgow, at midnight on Friday.
Miss Joanne Short, whose three-month-old son Leroy died after being fed breakfast cereal, mashed potato and gravy, has only had occasional contact with her five-year-old daughter Jody since she split up with the child's father three years ago.
Friends at the factory then told him that she had planned to spend the break consoling another worker called Leroy Mann, who had just lost his job.
When Janet didn't come home that night, Gregory told police - who visited the apartment which 29-year-old Leroy shared with his wife, Cindy.
These plans have more than $3 trillion in assets, according to CPA William LeRoy.