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Irish mythological figure, usually depicted as dwarflike and somewhat distorted.
leprechaunism - congenital condition characterized by insulin resistance and growth retardation.
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The Irish Centre's annual Leprechaun Sheep Race fundraiser is returning in a new guise.
I called Rory McIlroy a leprechaun and believe me I wanted to call him much worse.
At town hall, the jovial atmosphere continued but with some seriousness as the Leprechaun Society handed out Shillelagh awards to those who merited honors for their contributions to the community.
They know all the Leprechaun stories, and they know all about the magical people who might have lived there thousands of years ago.
In a unique way to celebrate St Patrick's Day, Teesside Hospice is holding its first Leprechaun Leap sponsored fun run.
In the final game of the day, the Regular Joes continued from where they had left off against the Jets by seeing off the luckless Leprechauns by 8-4 to 2-2.
I also liked pretending that leprechauns are real and that magical things exist.
New cover art adorns this reprint of Turner's set of seven short stories featuring leprechauns, a lost prince hiding under everyone's noses, and a magical painting that hides secrets to save a selkie.
If you like shamrocks, leprechauns, bagpipes or all of the above, the Los Angeles County Irish Fair & Music Festival is for you.
Things look bleak until leprechauns change Old Pat's fate.
Students fondly attribute quirky correction witticisms to Martinet such as, "Let the leprechauns sniff the perfume from your heel.
And with five leprechauns, they estimate the total number of buttons that would decorate the leprechauns' jackets.