Leonurus cardiaca

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A perennial herb that contains alkaloids (e.g., leonurinine and stachydrine), bitter glycosides (e.g., leonurine and leonuridin), tannins, vitamin A and volatile oil; it is a sedative, spasmolytic, and antihypertensive, and used for irregular menses, tachyarrhythmias, to prolong life and for rabies
Toxicity It should be avoided in pregnancy, as it may cause uterine contractions, and in those with skin allergies

Leonurus cardiaca,

n See motherwort.
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Demonstrating in Figure 1, Leonurus cardiaca extract only at the maximum administrated dose (500 mg/kg) was capable of reducing the formalin-induced pain in the early phase, and other doses (125 and 250 mg/kg) did not show such effect.
Demonstrating in Figure 2, Leonurus cardiaca extract only at the maximum dose (500 mg/kg) could alleviate the pain in all times of tail flick test, whereas the lower doses (125 and 250 mg/kg) reduced only late pain (times 60 and 75 minutes).
In this study, it was shown that the administration of ethanolic aerial part extract of Leonurus cardiaca possesses antinociceptive effects in tail flick, hot plate, and both phases of formalin test.
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