A.C., 20th-century Scottish pathologist. See: Lendrum phloxine-tartrazine stain, Fraser-Lendrum stain for fibrin.
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For the last 12 months 16-year-old Rian Lamb, from East Boldon, and Niamh Lendrum, a 17-year-old from Parklands Golf Club in High Gosforth, have had access not only to the facilities, but also tips from Westwood and regular mentoring from PGA coaches.
Details of the incident emerged as Maureen Simpson, 44, of Palmer Court, Samuel Lendrum, 52, from Lawnbrook Avenue, and Paul Mateer, 45, of Blackmountain Walk - all in Belfast - appeared in the dock charged with disorderly behaviour.
The cow was seized from Robert Paterson of Lendrum, near Turriff, to be auctioned in payment for his farm worker's stamps, which he refused to pay.
These include 18-year-old Lydia Lendrum, from Washington, and Sunderland's Olivia Murray, 20, who are both set to start degree courses at Northumbria University this September.
In view of the whole school focus on values, the classroom set-up was very similar in implementation to the Small Group Intervention Model (SEAL), as adapted from the Department for Education and Skills (UK), described by Lendrum, Humphrey, Kalambouka, and Wigelsworth (2009).
Joining General Smith, director of Human Capital Core Enterprise with the Office of the Chief Army Reserve, were NPCA's 2012-13 Chairman Mimi Rainero-Coles and President Ty Gable; John Lendrum, Norwalk Concrete Industries president and Army Reserve Ambassador to Ohio; and, Army Reserve Employer Partnership Office Director Erin Thede.
Pictured l-r are Sophia Cicilioni of The Sheffield, Susanna Lendrum of Corcoran, Kristen Earp of The Sheffield, Carolyn Sebba of The Marketing Directors.
The inauguration of the new UOWD block was attended by several dignitaries, including HE Pablo Kang, Australian Ambassador to UAE, Gerard Seeber, Consul General and Senior Trade Commissioner, as well as officials from Australian Business Council Dubai and ITC Limited Chief Executive Officer Vince Lendrum who had travelled to Dubai for the opening.
Born in Nice, France, in December 1879, William Lendrum "Billy" Mitchell was the oldest of ten children.
RARE peregrine falcon nests that were raided by Birmingham airport smuggler Jeffrey Lendrum have successfully fledged young birds.
Sainsbury's head of packaging Stuart Lendrum said: "We have the most ambitious packaging reduction in the industry and meeting it will require hundreds of initiatives such as this.
As a key member of the OPRL, we are delighted that through our pioneering work and leadership in this field, this has now become a service that others will offer," said print and packaging manager Stuart Lendrum.