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The fruit of Citrus limon (family Rutaceae); a source of citric and ascorbic acid; the freshly expressed juice of the ripe fruit is used as a refrigerant diuretic in fever, in the form of lemonade.
Synonym(s): limon
[L. limon]


Herbal medicine
A vitamin C-rich citrus fruit, the leaves of which are thought to be mildly sedative and antibacterial.


[Persian limun, lemon]
Fruit of the tree Citrus limon, containing citric acid. Lemons contain enough vitamin C to prevent or treat scurvy. Lemon may be used in place of vinegar, spices, and aromatic substances by those who cannot use such items.


Food faddists who drink large quantities of lemon juice by sucking directly from the raw fruit may develop erosion of the enamel of their teeth.
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Thought to be a cross between a lemon and a mandarin or sweet orange, the Meyer lemon has its roots in China, though no one knows when the plant first appeared.
7 CHINA, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and India are among the world's top producers of lemons.
Don't automatically add salt to your favorite recipes; instead, season with spices, herbs, and lemon juice and/ or zest.
1908 The year Frank Meyer, a USDA plant explorer, brought the lemon from China to the United States.
Before you juice them, soak the lemons in warm water or microwave them for 10 seconds.
Now juice the lemons over the strainer, allowing the liquid to flow into the measuring cup.
Today there are no more than 1,000 boxes of sweet lemons annually produced in the whole of South Lebanon, according to Sami Mroueh, a member of the executive committee of the South Farmers Congregation.
The Spanish colonialists and explorers would introduce the lemon to the New World; lemons were first introduced to the island of Haiti, and then called Hispaniola by the Spanish.
My, how times have changed, as Meyer Lemons can now be found seasonally in any specialty grocery store.
Invert jars and set aside in refrigerator until lemon rinds are tender,
Take off the heat and add the juice of 3 lemons, stir well and divide between 4 small glasses.