A mating ritual in some species, in which males assemble on the mating ground or lek, where they spar with each other or put on extravagant visual or aural displays (mating 'dances' or gymnastics, plumage displays, vocal challenges, etc.), so a female will select them for mating
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Forest lekking birds such as manakins, cock-of-the-rocks, peacock pheasants, and birds of paradise may clean debris and pluck leaves from their courts on or near the forest floor (Gilliard 1959, Sick 1967, Johnsgard 1994, Endler and Thery 1996).
During the 1990s, the black grouse population in Wales was declining fast, with numbers of lekking (courting) males diving to just 126 in 1997.
This means the Welsh Black Grouse Recovery Project - set up in 1999 to halt the decline of these birds - has surpassed the 2015 Biodiversity Action Plan target of 270 lekking males - four years earlier than expected.
This suggests the possibility that even less successful relatives may profit from lekking with their Don Juan-like cousins.
At "Wine and Lekking," guests will mingle with other site members while enjoying Ugo's selection of more than 48 wines.
In the 1970s there were estimated to be 25,000 displaying - or lekking - males and this had fallen to just 5,000 by 2005.
Disturbances created by humans, such as roads, drill pads and herbicide treatments, also may serve as lekking sites (Davis et al.
Lekking frugivores, for instance, concentrate their activities in and around lek areas, which may constrain the spatial extent of their fruit-eating and seed dispersal activities (Ryder et al.
The lek, seen from Coed Llandegla, holds up to nine lekking black grouse males - the species is red-listed in Wales, which means it is of the highest conservation concern.
Black grouse perform their love dance - called lekking - each spring in the hope of securing a mate for the breeding season.
Vocal, morphological, territorial, and behavioral characteristics have been examined among lekking grouse species with regard to mate choice (e.