A mating ritual in some species, in which males assemble on the mating ground or lek, where they spar with each other or put on extravagant visual or aural displays (mating 'dances' or gymnastics, plumage displays, vocal challenges, etc.), so a female will select them for mating
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The sage-grouse breeding season, also known as lekking, takes place for only four to six weeks in early spring at gathering sites called leks.
Sage-Grouse are a lekking species in which males congregate on communal display grounds (leks) in the spring and females make multiple, lengthy visits to assess males before they mate once and raise young on their own (Johnsgard 1973; Wiley 1973; Gibson 1992, 1996).
Even thousands of hectares of forest at the surrounding landscape might be of importance in securing the persistence of a lekking population (Sirkia et al.
During the 1990s, the black grouse population in Wales was declining fast, with numbers of lekking (courting) males diving to just 126 in 1997.
This means the Welsh Black Grouse Recovery Project - set up in 1999 to halt the decline of these birds - has surpassed the 2015 Biodiversity Action Plan target of 270 lekking males - four years earlier than expected.
This suggests the possibility that even less successful relatives may profit from lekking with their Don Juan-like cousins.
Lekking in Gryllotalpa major, the prairie mole cricket (Insecta: Gryllotalpidae).
In the 1970s there were estimated to be 25,000 displaying - or lekking - males and this had fallen to just 5,000 by 2005.
Perhaps no differences in endoparasite loads were found among lekking sharp-tailed grouse because good health is necessary for them to establish and maintain territories on the lek (Kermott, 1982); that is, males maintaining positions on leks may not be a random sample of males in populations.
Disturbances created by humans, such as roads, drill pads and herbicide treatments, also may serve as lekking sites (Davis et al.
Recently, considerable attention has been focused on sexual selection in lekking species.