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the title given to retired servicemen.
Legionnaire disease - an acute infectious disease characterized by a severe and often fatal pneumonia; first outbreak occurred at a Legionnaire convention in Philadelphia in 1976.
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Volpe also explained how the legionnaires fought in battle, using a pilum (javelin) as their first method of attack, and why the legionnaire's 17-inch sword was better than a three-foot one.
The Legionnaires were beating us up just to show how tough their regiment is.
When only about fifty-nine people per year in California contract Legionnaires Disease, and nineteen of them happen to work in the Borax Building, we know there is a serious problem," remarked Brian Kabateck, founding partner of the law firm, Quisenberry & Kabateck LLP.
I wouldn't have been surprised if the Legionnaires had been ordered to do hand stands in that thick jungle goo.
Which is why, when faced with quite a goodly amount of contemporary dancing--barefoot, toe-shoed, or hobnail-booted--I feel very much like that Legion officer, facing my readers, you honest, adventurous Legionnaires, and confessing to you: "Legion of the Lost, we're lost in the sands of time in the desert of the avant-garde.
SAN ANTONIO -- USAA and The American Legion (TAL) are rolling out a credit card that will help fund Legion programs under the recent agreement that positions USAA as the preferred provider of financial services to Legionnaires, including insurance, banking, investments and financial guidance.
Health officials in Scotland have confirmed that the number of confirmed and suspected cases of Legionnaires disease has risen to 40 and is likely to increase in the coming days.
The hospital confirmed yesterday evening that the man had contracted Legionnaires.
So far there have been 62 confirmed and suspected cases, but this could hit 130 and go on to become Britain's worst-ever Legionnaires epidemic.
INDIANAPOLIS -- The American Legion has speeded up its process to assist Legionnaires and Sons of the American Legion members who have been victimized by Hurricanes Ike or Gustav.
LEGIONNAIRES disease could be transmitted from a car's windscreen wash, a study revealed today.
State Commander Robert Bowman, Alan Walden and over 100 Legionnaires will give DiFrancesco a tour of the fort to show public support is needed to restore the National Shrine where the "Star Spangled Banner" was born.