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Gaston J., early 20th-century French physician. See: Legendre sign.
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Use of Legendre polynomials and Wilmink function in genetic evaluations for persistency of lactation in Holstein cows.
Amongst the chefs featured on the new site are Ferran Adria Acosta, head chef of 'El Bulli' restaurant in Spain; Philippe Legendre, Grand Chef of the restaurant "Five" of Hotel 'George V' in Paris; Alain Passard, Chef and Owner of the three Michelin star restaurant 'L'Arpege' in Paris, as well as celebrity chefs Keith Floyd and Emmanuel Stroobant, and many more.
2d-2], the polynomial is linear combination of the Legendre polynomials [L.
Farrell and Ross present a selection of problems, each with a solution worked out in detail, dealing with the properties and applications of the Gamma function and the Beta function, the Legendre polynomials, and the Bessel functions.
When [alpha] = 1/2, the equation reduces to the Legendre equation, and the Gegenbauer polynomials reduce to the Legendre polynomials.
Legendre a salue les reformes entreprises au Royaume sous l'impulsion de SM le Roi et qui sont au diapason des normes de la democratie, une opinion partagee par d'autres membres de la commission politique de l'APF, dont son president, Andre Schneider.
Legendre wavelets is Formula 1, in which m, the order of Legendre polynomial and t, the time, are defined in the interval [0, 1) to satisfy Formula 2.
45 Professional by Tim LeGendre of LeMag Firearms and is now licensed to Bushmaster Firearms under the .
For the principal-coordinate analysis, Gower's resemblance coefficients were calculated (Legendre and Legendre, 1983; Podani, 1999).
This order evidences SolFocus' confidence in Solar Junction and its cell technology, as the companies work to make CPV cost-competitive and sustainable with quality products," said Bob Legendre, President and COO of SolFocus.
Our latest "History Mystery" winner, Michael LeGendre of Chaparral, New Mexico, told us that he saw ZK020 when it visited Holloman Air Force Base in his state last fall.