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Gaston J., early 20th-century French physician. See: Legendre sign.
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By setting as the activation function of neural network, a Legendre wavelets neural network can be constructed through Formula 5 with a structure as follows:
And like Tim LeGendre, Ter Weeme created a bigbore AR-15 cartridge that functions in existing unaltered AR-15 .
Using the higher order basis function of the modified Legendre polynomials of (1), the u-directed current [J.
The following results will be presented for different values of p, the maximum degree of unidimensional Legendre polynomials.
We gave [Ervin] cold saline, and were grabbing bags of ice from wherever we could find," Legendre says.
El efecto sobre la composicion floristica de factores externos diferentes del espacio geografico, tales como la precipitacion, la posicion altitudinal y la posicion biogeografica, fue evaluado de forma independiente mediante una Prueba de Mantel usando 999 permutaciones (Legendre & Legendre 1998).
Sandra Taylor tells us about the role Mormonism played in the proposals made by the American adviser to the Meiji leaders in Japan, Charles LeGendre.
This endeavor yield prolific results, and the unaccusative/unergative split was described in Dutch, (Perlmutter 1978; Rosen 1984), English (Levin and Rappaport Hovav 1995), French (O1ie 1984; Ruwet 1989; Legendre 1989; Legendre and Sorace 2003), German (Kaufmann 1995), Italian (Burzio 1986; Perlmutter 1989), Japanese (Kishimoto 1996) to name just a few.
Summary of error rates for all descriptors Error rates Haralick features 30 4 Haralick feature 10 Moments of Zernike 6,5 Moments of Taubin 42 Legendre moments 9 Moments of Flusser 40 Moments of Hu 13 Note: Table made from bar graph.
2002), this was tested for each of the 166 EMs; and EMs fully extending across this range would indicate that the data had been standardized for proper PCA (Manly, 1994; Legendre and Legendre, 1998).