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n the act of making or forming law, or the laws and/or statutes formed by the legislative process.
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Therefore, the only possible and rational solution adopted by law is to establish a certain age, from which a person can participate alone in the conclusion of all his civil legal acts.
My second example of the Court treating an unperfected legal act as if it were legal is to be found in the Nuclear Tests Cases between Australia and New Zealand, on the one hand, and France, on the other.
The legal act to be incorporated into the EEA Agreement foresees a provision that gives the competence to the Commission to grant exemptions/ derogations to an EU Member State.
As we can clearly see from the above definition, the manifestation of will is required in order to have a legal act, both in oral and written form.
Consequently, some legal acts in the field of services' provision shall have to be abolished while others have to be adopted in the short run.
An EU legal act does not amend or implement an act already included in Annex XXI.
The Vice Prime Minister also focused attention on the fact that each legal act, which is being drafted to adopt in the energy saving and energy efficiency sector, should take into account the interests of the population - co-owners of apartment houses, property owners, as well as the interests of budget-funded organizations.
The legal acts don't leave space for courtesan use.
The EU also published Saturday on its Official Journal the first legal acts implementing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the agreement reached on 14 July 2015 in Vienna on the Iranian nuclear issue with the G5+1.
The quality of the received legal acts do not meet modern requirements.
The non-fulfilment of liabilities to depositors and creditors and a lot of cases of the non-observation of legal acts of the regulator were the reasons why the bank was put on the category of troubled banks and an administrator from the NBU was appointed.