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This versatile firewall provides remote users with secure clientless remote access to the corporate data from anywhere at any time using a standard Web browser, while IPsec VPN tunnels can simultaneously provide secure site-to-site tunnels and legacy support for client-based remote access.
This combination of new technology, legacy support and security features, such as the integrated fingerprint scanner, is unique in the PC industry today.
Removing the legacy support burden from PCs would reduce costs and Pappas agreed that this was one way that manufacturers may want to go.
Signal prediction for off-site network planning; - Site surveys to verify network coverage and operation; - Easy-to-use single-view network health analysis; - One-click troubleshooting assistance with live network status; - Visualization of network characteristics, such as coverage, interference and data rate; - Visualizing the impact of the most common access point parameters, such as channel bonding, number of streams, and legacy support mode; - Generating reports for the IT-management and deployment engineers; and - Using site survey data to enable an easy Ekahau RTLS deployment.
On top of Best in KLAS recognition for both Clinical Implementation Supportive and IT Outsourcing (Partial), which includes Stoltenberg's legacy support and IT help desk service line, Stoltenberg was also noted as 100% "buy-again" and 100% "keeps promises" from surveyed healthcare providers *.
Ecrio's FlexIMS(TM) patented technology uniquely allows for the broadest coverage of VoLTE device types including LTE home/enterprise CPEs with full legacy support of mandatory FAX/Modem and regulatory E911 and TTY capabilities.
Xilinx CFR and DPD IP supports a wide radio spectrum - up to 100Mhz - addressing the TD-LTE and FD-LTE standards, while also supporting multi-standard implementations requiring legacy support for MC-GSM.
Stoltenberg has demonstrated time and again our deep understanding of this business, coupled with extensive experience and expertise in areas such as meeting meaningful use requirements, implementation and training, business intelligence, legacy support and help desk utilization, among others.
The IDT82V3391 is an integrated, single-chip PLL that supports both Sync Ethernet and IEEE1588 with legacy support for SDH, Sonet and T1/E1 clock rates.
MOREY leverages deep expertise in telematics, power electronics, controls, sensors, displays, cord reels and handsets for its customers and complements its EMS offerings with value-added expertise in program management, ruggedization, and legacy support.
0 is capable of supporting all MED-EL implants, offering an unprecedented 16 years of legacy support.