Ledum palustre

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A homeopathic first aid remedy used to treat acute trauma, such as bites, stings, bruises, contusions and eye injuries; Ledum is also used for rheumatic and gouty pain.

Ledum palustre,

n See herb, marsh.
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Mineral nutrition and leaf longevity in an evergreen shrub, Ledum palustre ssp.
Homeopathy comes to the rescue with the dynamic duo of Apis melifica (honeybee) and Ledum palustre (marsh tea).
Vegetation on the site is dominated by approximately equal biomass of graminoids (mainly Eriophorum vaginatum), deciduous shrubs (mainly Betula nana), evergreens (mainly Ledum palustre ssp.
and shrubs (Betula nana, Empetrum nigrum, Ledum palustre, Vaccinium uliginosum, and V.